3 Reasons Why It Is Essential Your Business Has a Mobile App

3 Reasons Why It Is Essential Your Business Has a Mobile App

Many of the world’s most recognizable brands have their own mobile app. The Starbucks app might come to mind—its rewards feature is used the most frequently out of all restaurant chains that have an app and loyalty program. You might be thinking that mobile apps are only necessary if your company is an enormous multinational corporation like Starbucks. You’d be wrong about that.

You might be thinking since you only run a small business, then a mobile app would be just another overhead cost for you. However, you’d be wrong about that, too.

You could be leaving thousands of dollars of revenue per month on the table if you don’t consider app development for your business. Here is a list of 3 reasons why you ought to consider it:

  1. It Helps You Stay Prominent in Buyer’s Minds

There is considerable competition for attention these days. Savvy businesses stay ahead of the curve by getting in front of customers as much as possible. 

If you want to retain your customers, you have to stay foremost in their minds. Because your competitors are also vying for that same attention, having a mobile app will give you that edge over your competition.

As you may well know already, it’s much cheaper to keep an existing customer coming back than it is to find a new one. A mobile app for your business can help you achieve this. 

You could create a loyalty program, a referral program, or use push notifications for promotions or value-added content. 

  1. It Builds Credibility

Look at the two business email addresses below and pick the one that looks more credible:



Of course, the second one looks more credible. Bob would have had to pay for a domain to use BobThePlumber.com, but the impression it leaves on a potential customer would pay for itself in one small plumbing appointment. If you have skin in the game, your potential customers will know you’re serious about your business and, indirectly, about them.

Credibility is one of the critical factors in creating a successful business, and you can build this credibility through a mobile app. It also solidifies your branding, as your customers will see your logo and business name when they scroll through their apps.

  1. It’s Cost-Effective

Did you know that smartphone users will buy from a mobile app three times more than from a mobile website? While your business may not be selling directly to your customers through your mobile app, you can still communicate promotions and valuable information to them. 

If you have push notifications, your customers will likely see them, as opposed to email, which has a lower and lower open rate as time goes on—all part of the evolving game to get the attention of customers.

Mobile app development is not something that only the wealthiest corporations can afford, like in the early days of smartphones. There are many options available to create a mobile app for your business that fits your budget and marketing needs, and that will genuinely work to bring you more business. 

If you’ve been wondering whether to pursue mobile app development for your business, now is the time to say yes. 

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