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    Steinser Foundation

At Steinser Foundation, we believe in 'Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.'

The Steinser Foundation is a non-profit public foundation with the goal of identifying the needs of South African communities and develop ways to empower the people to live above these needs. 

To achieve our vision, we reach out to South Africa’s less affluent communities to train them on how to navigate real-life situations and live a better life. We guide our target population on learning things like how to make themselves employable and get the right jobs, how to start and run their own businesses successfully amongst many others. We achieve these through our hands-on, inspirational workshops and seminars. We go beyond that to connect them with the right people that’ll help them in the form of mentorship, finance, and moral support in any field of life they choose.

We also enlighten and orient people on some critical topics that affect them negatively. These topics include issues related to dealing with bullying in schools, suicide thoughts by sexually abused students, low self-esteem, rejection, social media influence, sexual orientation, stress management, and the like. We equip both the teachers and the students with the tools and information they need to deal with these issues.

We target less fortunate communities like squatter camps, homeless people, unemployable youths, unemployed individuals,  and the rest. By extension, we also assist average communities by identifying their pressing needs and empowering them to overcome them.

Jesus Christ is the heart of the entire foundation and is what keeps us together. He is our drive and motivation as trainers, facilitators, staff, volunteers, and as a non-profit foundation.

Jesus Christ showed humanity the greatest love and taught us to love our neighbours as ourselves. We extend our love to our neighbours in South Africa by empowering them to be better people and community changers.



Our Vision and Mission

Our dream is to have communities filled with individuals that are educationally, psychologically, and materially equipped to make advantageous changes in their lives and their communities.
Our mission is to empower South Africans of all ages with critical life skills necessary to boost their self-worth and help them thrive in their different communities.

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