Digital Citizenship: Conducting Yourself In A Digital World

Digital Citizenship: Conducting Yourself In A Digital World

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The pace of the development of new technology is accelerating, and we find ourselves becoming increasingly dependent on technology to communicate with each other. As a result, we find ourselves spending more and more time living in a ‘digital world’.

Clearly, for many people, online interactions are replacing real world one-to-one interactions. Therefore, it is vital that the concept of ‘Digital Citizenship’ is understood. The appropriate use of technology needs to be appreciated by everyone.

Unfortunately, we often see people misusing and abusing technology, and not realizing it. The fact that users don’t understand their rights and responsibilities as a digital citizen, and do not know what is appropriate technology usage, is a major issue that must be addressed.


What Topics are Covered? 

  • Citizenship
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Respect Yourself / Respect Others
  • Educate Yourself / Connect with Others
  • Protect Yourself / Protect Others
  • How to be a Good Digital Citizen


What Will Students Learn? 

  • What being a good citizen means
  • The nine elements of digital citizenship
  • How to conduct oneself in the digital world


Certificate of attendance for each e-learning course you complete.